5 Top tips for writing “Google friendly” content for your website


When designing or commissioning a new website for your business the likelihood is that you’ll need to write at least some of the content to reflect the new look or to fill new pages being created.

However, knowing and understanding the correct way to write content for your website which will aid your search engine results and ranking within Google can be difficult. So to help with this we’ve put together our 5 top tips for writing “Google Friendly” content for your website:

Prioritise readability over keywords when writing for your website

As tempting as it is to fill your website with keywords, this ‘myth’ simply will not work anymore, certainly not in the long term anyway. Your website should always make sense in the first instance. If people cannot understand what you are trying to say there is no point in them finding your website and search engines will discount repeated or incoherent text. Your key goal is to write information which your customers will find useful, and that your keywords are used naturally without ‘keyword stuffing‘.

Use attention-grabbing headings as part of your website design

That being said, using attention-grabbing headings to split your text up into (logical) chunks is a really sensible approach. This way your readers will find it easier to find the information they need. If you can choose some of the keywords your customers might be looking for in the headings, naturally of course, then even better!

Ensure you have enough to say about your website

It’s really important that you have enough text on each page of your website. We recommend that “Google Friendly” content should have at least 250 – 300 words on each page. With a ‘designer hat on’, this amount of text on a single page can look a little too much and a bit overwhelming for the end-user, so to keep your content catchy and your web page pleasing on the eye, you could have a concise sentence summarising the section with a “read more” click to reveal option. This will keep your readers attention with a ‘less is more’ approach but also keep Google (and therefore you) happy!

Update your website with new content regularly

This may sound like a silly suggestion but it’s so easy to update your website then think “job done” and forget about it. Google will favour websites which are updated on a regular basis, they see it as active, busy, up to date and (depending on the quality of the content) relevant. You could consider publishing updates about events, mentions of your business in the news or perhaps a regular blog post. All this activity will help to keep your website active amongst your competitors in Gloucester!

Be original!

The final tip is to think about your audience when you are writing and don’t just copy a competitor’s style of writing or their content. The best websites allow a little bit of personality to shine through and will ensure your business stands out from the local Gloucester competition.

You may not know this… but Google knows if you have copied content from another website…! It’s true, think about it, in order for Google to index your website and rank it within search results accordingly, it needs to read the content on your website, so… if it reads the same thing twice on two separate sites then plagiarism alarm bells start ringing (or ‘duplicate content‘ as Google calls it). Eventually, Google will penalise you for this duplicate content and in some cases remove you from their search results entirely. So avoid copying any content from any other websites.

Of course, if this all sounds like an absolute nightmare, the option is always there for us to help out. Our in-house copywriter can write your website copy or even create blog posts for you in the future if required. As always – get in touch!