Recover more revenue with an ‘Abandoned Basket’ strategy


Around 50 – 70% of your customers will abandon their baskets at check-out without completing a purchase. This means hundreds of millions of pounds in revenue is lost right at the last moment. This is even more frustrating when you spend lots of hard-earned money buying attention and traffic through Facebook Ads or Google Ads. This phenomenon occurs in almost all industries whether your online strategy involves making sales online or generating leads. 

“It doesn’t matter how much water you are pouring into the bucket if it’s leaking out the bottom”

Putting an abandoned basket recovery strategy into place can help fight this problem.  Abandoned basket recovery is not a particularly new phenomenon but it is an effective one. It is even more effective when a multi-platform tactic is implemented. Here’s how it works:

Send a triggered follow-up email to someone who has added items to their basket and gotten through a portion of the checkout process without completing their order. 

This email can contain one of the following:

  1. A reminder of the product they had added to their basket
  2. A showcase of trust and credibility in your email (reviews, recommendations)
  3. Shine the spotlight on an accessory product that would fit with the product they had in their basket
  4. Make the most of loyalty with a discount on the product or a multi-buy of the product they had in their basket.

An abandoned basket recovery strategy can then be implemented across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads. One can segment visitors into custom audiences to advertise against. Re-engaging these high intent buyers who had abandoned their baskets. These custom audiences deliver far lower CPC’s, and help generate even more revenue that otherwise would have been lost. 

If you think your organisation could benefit from an abandoned basket recovery programme get in touch