Content VS. Design


As a website owner, what should you dedicate your time to? Should you create an outstanding piece of content with all of the right components to convert everyday visitors into sales, or should you dedicate your resources to optimising your design to give the best user experience possible? This is a debate that is frequent amongst website owners, and it arises, as whilst we would all love to have unlimited time to focus on both, in reality, we need to allocate our time, effort and resources strategically.

With this in mind, you need to spend some time considering what you are going to sacrifice and whether your site will still perform regardless of the compromises. Just to illustrate the option that you have to make as a website owner, here are your choices.

1.  Have a page full of incredible content and rich keywords but an uninspiring design.

2.  Have a mind-blowing design, but little in the way of valuable content.

Unfortunately, both of these options are not going to do your site any favours. The truth of the matter is that content and design are two components that go hand in hand in website creation, and without one the other cannot hope to stretch to its full potential. Although with that being said, in the process of deciding whether you are going to sacrifice content for design or design for content, there are a few factors that can help you to make a final decision.

Can your content sell by itself?

This is important to consider, if you are trying to get your visitors to spend money with your site, you need to have content that is going to be able to create sales single handily. This is by no means an easy task, as visitors often only spend a limited amount of time just reading content, and if they are not hooked within the first line you might as well kiss your sales goodbye. What can often redeem content that is incapable of selling itself, is a design that captures the audience’s trust and attention. So if the quality of your content is not the very best that it could be, your design might just be the factor that converts your visitors into sales.

What kind of audience are you targeting?

Another aspect that you should give attention to when creating a website is your audience. If your audience is one that values design over content, then obviously you should dedicate more of your resources to your design, and focus a little on providing quality content. Accordingly, if you are targeting an audience that doesn’t pay too much attention to the design, and focusses more on a solid construction of meaningful content, then once again you know exactly where the majority of your time should be implemented.

How much time do you really have?

When you are deciding whether the content is more important than design for your website, you should always analyse the project thoroughly and work out just how much time you have available. This way, you can work around how much time you should be spending on both content and design, and make the best use of the time you have. In many cases where website owners fail to do this, they find that they do not utilise the time that they have effectively, and end up wasting valuable resources when they could have been adding extra value to the site.

With these points in mind, you should have already identified, that the debate as to whether design or content is more important, really comes down to your site, your time and your audience. These factors will help you to decide which of the two components you can afford to sacrifice for the other and create a solution that still makes your website an effective place for you to convert traffic into potential sales.