Website copywriting


What should I write on my website?

Leading on from last months article where I looked at how you can enhance the experience your customers have when they visit your website. This week I would like to take some time to focus on the copywriting (text) on websites and what small businesses in Gloucester can do to make sure they are standing out from their competitors.

So you have a website, it’s essentially just an online version of your brochure right?

So you can just copy all the same information, ta da, done?

Sadly this is not the case.

But this is a mistake people make frequently.

It’s really important to remember that people read websites very differently to brochures or books, they skim read and scan through the text rather than reading every word. This has huge implications on how you come across online so here are 5 tips to help you optimise the text for your website.

  1. Really think about your audience; who are you talking to? What will they be looking for? It’s so important that you understand what your potential customers are looking for. If you are not sure start by surveying your existing ones.
  2. Your points should be direct and concise and be based on the things your customers will be looking for only. Include as little text as possible whilst explaining your point, product or services well.
  3. Consider highlighting keywords in some way, you could do this by putting the text in bold, italics or a different colour. Make sure this is different to the way you differentiate any hyperlinks and that it’s in keeping with the design of the web-page.
  4. Your headings are crucial. They need to include the keywords your customers will be looking for but also entice customers to want to read on. It’s a difficult balance to strike but, when you get it right, the right titles can even increase website traffic to your page.
  5. Finally, building credibility online is vital. You can do this by keeping your website text factual, accurate and up to date. It is also essential that your website is well written and checked for errors. If your website looks unprofessional or out of date, so will your company in the eyes of the customer.

Take a look at this interesting article from Blogspot showcasing some of the best examples of website homepage design. The important thing to note on all these examples is the clever use of text in a minimalist yet highly effective way!