Digital advertising is for the everyday man


Advertising is big business.

Approximately £26 billion was spent on advertising last year. Advertising is everywhere, on billboards, television, radio, newspapers, the internet and social media.

The internet is riddled with advertising, mostly because it’s relatively cheap in comparison, so bleeding effective and partly because every business wants and needs the attention of Joe Bloggs. Joe Bloggs is the everyday man or woman, that’s you or me or your uncle Kev.

Joe Bloggs is a man in demand. Your business needs the attention of the everyday man, some businesses may win his affection, most probably won’t.

There are dozens of business and organisations at every which way he turns vying for his attention. Thankfully there are dozens of options available to businesses trying to reach Joe Bloggs, but there are is also one major problem.

The Problem with Joe Bloggs

Joe Bloggs is also notoriously difficult to get a hold of, he is extremely slippery and rarely stands still. Also, Joe Bloggs is a sceptic of the highest order. Win his attention and you win a chance to communicate, manage your dialogue well and you’ll be able to persuade him. Persuade him to transact and you’ve won a mini lottery.

The Magic of the Internet

Of course, all of this is much easier said than done. Most of this is also very expensive, hence the £26 billion spend. Thankfully, much of this spend can be attributed to the supertanker-sized businesses and quite frankly not every business needs to spend millions on marketing and advertising – digital or otherwise.

Better still, thanks to the magic of internet search engines, a well-designed website can put your business right in crosshairs of Joe Bloggs at the crucial moment when he is considering a purchase.

Cakecrumbs is designed to allow non-super-tanker-sized businesses to effectively communicate with Joe Bloggs through responsive, easy-to-use, delightful websites. Nous Digital builds unique and distinctive websites for those who desire bespoke functionality.  Altogether, Joe Bloggs never has to experience tiny buttons and janky texts. Instead, the every-day man can enjoy easy to navigate website structures, beautiful design and effortless payment methods (great for starting an eCommerce business).

In addition, through white-hat on-page SEO techniques, your business is afforded the opportunity to communicate with Joe Bloggs of the world when they are searching for “men’s size 13 shoes” – for example. Or even when he searches for “Japanese restaurants around Gloucester”. Your website can appear in the number 1 position, persuading the everyday man to transact with your business over your competitors.

Moreover, with the advent of social media its possible to reach Joe Bloggs and people who are similar to ‘Joe Bloggs’ to tell them about your new product, or service, or up-coming sale. Without spending £26 billion. Digital Advertising has revolutionised the options available to businesses attempting to win the attention of the everyday man.

With access to the internet and a beautifully designed Cakecrumbs website, your business can compete with the supertankers and win the attention of the everyday man.