Digital developments 2015


2015 has been quite a year! As we approach the beginning of the next chapter, I thought it would be poignant to look back on some of the changes which fundamentally affect the way business owners in Gloucestershire, and everywhere, in fact, need to operate within the digital marketing space.

Personalisation vs. Privacy:

The battle between personalisation and privacy within digital or online marketing has been a huge focus.

You would have all noticed the cookies message which pops up every time you visit a website and you may have also seen tailored adverts which show you items you’ve recently browsed online following you across to different websites.

Love them or hate them, the use of these techniques gives those selling products or services a whole raft of new digital tools at their disposal as well as a huge amount of consumer data should we choose to use it.

However, the rise in the use of consumer data has given renewed motivation in the protection of digital privacy. An increasing number of British online adults are using adblocking software and new European law on the right ‘to be forgotten’. Whilst these tools are not used by the vast majority of consumers this is one to watch for the future.

This article gives a little more details about the right to be forgotten.

Peer recommendation builds trust:

The surge in popularity of peer to peer service companies like Uber and Airbnb means that individuals are increasingly being rated by each other. The importance of user recommendation runs across many sectors with websites like TripAdvisor being referred to religiously by many consumers. When was the last time you brought an item or service without checking the online reviews?

In this same strain, blogs are becoming an increasingly valuable marketing tool for companies to recommend their products or services.

If you are not already on top of your online reviews or considered the impact blogging could have on your business you may be missing a trick to build trust with your current and potential customers.

This great infographic (pictured left, from customerthink,com) nicely summarises the importance of peer to peer recommendation.

The rise of live streaming:

We all know that video is a very powerful tool but the last year has seen a huge surge in the trend of people to watch videos and listen to music purely via live streaming. Twitter-owned video app periscope was named app of the year by Apple and people are happy to pay for subscription streaming services (such as Amazon Prime or Spotify) rather than download files to keep.

This trend has a number of considerations. The obvious one is that you should consider whether you should be using video to better market your products or services but the additional consideration is that in order to be able to stream video you need fast wi-fi!

Website design and capability changes:

Whilst we should try to consider these elements when reviewing our online presence, both on a company website and as part of our social media presence. We also need to make sure the core website design and functionality is up to scratch.

  • In terms of design, full-page photography has become an increasingly popular approach.

Here are some of the best examples from the Awards for design, creativity and innovation on the internet.

  • In terms of functionality, the importance of a website being mobile responsive has never been more important. If you haven’t heard about this yet, where have you been?!

Have a read of our previous blog on this subject as you simply need to know about this one!

It’s been an amazing year.

Here’s to a Merry Christmas and an epic 2016 (viewed on a mobile device, probably).