Don’t do, delegate


Time is your most valuable resource. Most people in a leadership or managerial position – including startups – all go through periods during which there simply are not enough hours in the day. There is almost an infinite amount of work to attend to and unless you are the epitome of efficiency you will at some point feel like you are drowning.

In order to keep yourself afloat, delegation is a must.

If your business or organisations website is ageing or simply ‘not doing anything’ and your solution is to spend weeks in meetings while further neglecting the task then it is going to continue ‘not doing anything’ and your competitors will beat you. Well, here’s some good news: Your website can be ticked off and bringing in commercial or brand value in 30 days or less. FACT!

The traditional model of launching is website is to spend time reviewing four and five-figure quotes, and spend months going back and forth with the chosen design team before pressing the big red ‘Launch’ button. In our experience, most organisational leaders rarely have ‘free time’ most ‘put it off’ for several weeks, set up a few consultation calls and make some enquiries with a bunch of agencies. The entire process can go on for months.

If the time and budget available is endless then that’s great. But the traditional model is not the ONLY way to bring your business online. The time spent deliberating over small details is time not generating revenue, not to mention the fact that one would be neglecting more important tasks which are vital to the success of the organisation. The traditional model is not the most efficient way of reaching the end goal, it’s also not the most effective.

Doers get back to doing

Cakecrumbs is designed to save you both time and money. The several weeks of back and forth are replaced by a couple of simple phone calls and a screen share. You’ll have all the features you will ever need for a future-proof website which will look great hosted on our very own flexible servers. And you won’t have to do any of the hard work.

Cakecrumbs concierge service will educate you and enable you to make changes and updates to your websites in the long term. Best of all, Cakecrumbs pay-monthly website plans provide the freedom to have the bare bones if that’s all you need or fully blown e-commerce website to help grow your business.

For those that find it hard to delegate, here’s a time-saving tip for you to close: add up all the hours you’ve spent in the last 2 weeks completing tasks that could easily be completed by another person, a junior or an assistant. Multiply that by your base hourly rate. That figure is the amount of money in pounds sterling that you’ve just wasted in 2 weeks. That time could have been spent dreaming of new ideas pursuing new avenues for growth or just relaxing at home. Don’t do, delegate.

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