Google’s mobile friendly algorithm 3 weeks later


It’s Only Just Beginning, Not Ending!

It’s been just over 21 days since Google’s so-called ‘mobilegeddon’ hit website owners across the world. The question on everyone’s lips now is just how big a difference has it actually made? Chances are, at this stage, not much!

Read the original announcement from Google

But before we give a collective shrug to the idea of mobile-friendly or “responsive” content, we should remember something. For those familiar with Google’s search algorithms you will know that any major change announced by Google takes time to fully role out, the Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda algorithms all took weeks to fully roll out across the world and they continued to receive updates months on. In fact, the Penguin algorithm launched around April 2012 and received its last update on the 22nd December 2014. Google’s algorithms are always evolving and getting better and better with each update, expect the same for this one and expect to see changes soon if you haven’t already.

So if you’re hoping that Google will abandon their mobile-friendly algorithm, prepare to be disappointed. Google has more of an incentive to continue to update search results for smartphone users, as they recently announced that there are officially more search queries made on smartphone devices than on desktop and laptop computers combined. As long as users continue to use their smartphones to search, Google will prioritise those searchers and attempt to give them the best experience possible on a mobile device.

This means that Google will continue to tweak and evolve its mobile-friendly algorithm over time, adding factors as they see it helps the end-user. So if you are a business relying on search traffic to generate revenue, now is a good time to consider updating your website to be fully responsive (content manipulates itself to fit any screen size) and therefore ‘mobile-friendly’ as this requirement is only likely to increase in importance as a ranking factor.

So What Can You Do About It

Firstly, you need to consider your users (or website visitors), you should want to give them the best online experience and representation of your business as you most possibly can and that means that the experience on a mobile device must be just as good as the one on a desktop computer. Your user’s experience of your website should be the priority that comes above that of acting quickly because Google has changed it’s search algorithms for mobile devices. That said, however, we know and appreciate that your main concern will be the loss of ranking in search results.

First Things First

Although Google’s latest algorithm has caused a bit of a fuss in the online community, they actually have your back! Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool is great, it checks whether or not your website is mobile-friendly or responsive.

Simply enter the URL and hit ‘Analyse’. If the result reads ‘Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly’, then you can relax, all is well! :0)

However, if you receive the result of ‘Not mobile-friendly’ then its time to act quickly. The good news is that after your site has been analysed Google will provide you with solutions on improving the page and an example of how your page is currently showing on a mobile device.

Give it a go for yourself!

TechCrunch says that 44% of the Fortune 500 was non-user friendly, an unbelievable statistic for such large companies. Google recently announced that they have seen a 5.7% increase in responsive websites within the last 6 weeks, you can guarantee that some number is made up of the Fortune 500 climbing over each other to get their websites updated!!!

What Next?

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly then you will at least want to start thinking about fixing that, if it hasn’t already, it will inevitably fall off of Google’s radar and in turn, you will lose whatever current search ranking you have, especially for those search queries made on mobile devices.

Since mid to late 2014 we decided to make sure that all of our websites we design and develop here at Nous Digital are mobile-friendly or responsive straight out of the box, with prices starting from as little £149 there’s no reason not to get your website updated and working across all mobile and tablet devices. For further details and more prices click the button below. Happy browsing!

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