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Graphic Design

A tool that connects the customer to a brand; it plays a vital role in business identity, ethos and above all promotion. Today web design and marketing is an advanced step and a natural evolution from graphic design, however, a considerable range of customers still consider designing for print as a major part of their business, and rightly so. Print design, graphic design, call it what you will, it is key to introducing your brand to those who are not our online audience.

Is Graphic Design or Design for Print Dead

Yawn… the age-old question. In a word NO, of course not and nor will it ever be. While online resources, smart-phones, and tablets are taking the place of some instances of print, some speciality print market segments are growing, and smart commercial designers and printers are constantly evolving in response to big trends in technology, culture, and commerce. I don’t hear anyone yelling “Stop the presses!” yet.

Nous Digital (formerly Hooper Design) based in Gloucester has vast experience in creative design and communication producing some outstanding and conceptual work for print as highlighted in our Portfolio.

You will find graphic design that is driven by the clients brief, and not by fashion or passing trends. Nous Digital has worked on projects that include a variety of creative printed material; from Corporate Identity, Brochures, Magazines, Books, Posters, Flyers, Catalogue Design, Newsletters, Menus and Wedding Cards to anything you desire.

The value Nous Digital adds is to re-create your print communications in a new and different light through graphic design – one that makes your audience more interested and receptive to your message.

Graphic Design is not an Expense, it is an Investment

Good graphic design is not just the difference between looking good and looking boring. It is the difference between customers choosing you and your product or choosing your competitors.

One of the most powerful tools for business, graphic design is not an expense. It is an investment and an important one – not only in looking good but in the success of your business.

Your image is the only thing potential customers can connect with. Make sure the first impression you are making is a good one.

Graphic Design is something that drives advertising and pulls us into a brand. That is why it is said Graphic Design is so important to our everyday lives. Graphic designs are everywhere to be found, be it newspaper, magazines, packaging, branding, websites, posters, books, signage. Graphic Design gives your business a face and visual presentation that just by looking at it; you have a feeling’s and mental positioning in mind on the product.

As the global market shrinks with the ever-growing reach of technology the need for that eye-catching graphic becomes more and more important to a business. Graphics are required in our everyday lives. The strong meaning of graphic stimulates a person to reach for the product or feel drawn to it or to immediately decide it’s a substandard product and has no use for it. It can also convey a message that you are established and should be taken seriously. A strong corporate identity can also convey that your company is far bigger than it actually is.  You can embed a sense of trust in your target market – If a company looks professional, your potential customers are more likely to trust that you can deliver. A creative and strong brand will make sure that your clients remember you – A large percentage of people remember what they see far better than what they hear or read. Standing out from your competitors is so important. This can be done through all your visual avenues. Your corporate identity can highlight your competitive advantage and tell potential clients how you do business and why they should choose you.

“Create graphic standards,” said Michael Nix, creative director and professor at Baruch College in New York, “and don’t reinvent the wheel for ongoing pieces, like newsletters, event calendars, and letterhead. Having a signature look is critical.”

Nous Digital Gloucester can help you achieve that signature look that is so important to your business and its development. Take a look at our portfolio and get in touch now to see how we can help bring ideas to life.