How to create a landing page that successfully converts


Whatever your business or organisational objectives, website conversion is the most important factor in your online strategy. A conversion is defined by the objective of the marketing campaign; this could be filling out a contact form, downloading a file, or buying a product. Sometimes the goal of the campaign is to transfer knowledge or increase brand awareness, these types of conversions are more difficult to measure quantitatively. For most small to medium-sized businesses in Gloucestershire, the objective is to fill out a contact form or to buy a product.

Conversion is rarely easy. Many make the mistake of using a “one size fits all” approach to landing pages in an often futile attempt to convert as many people as possible. Unfortunately, this usually results in less than preferable results. The better approach is to focus more on targeting and researching audiences who are more likely to convert.

Once a user lands on a targeted landing page there is a number of weapons in the Nous Digital) and Cakecrumbs arsenal which is vital to winning the trust of the visitor and ultimately business. Both of which are vital to meeting your goals.

Keep it simple. Landing pages which require huge amounts of cognitive effort to understand rarely convert. You don’t need your visitors to think. Instead, use simple concise language. “Users” “website visitors” “consumers” whatever you call them, they are all human beings, and landing pages need to be understood by them. Over the top ‘salesy’ language is hardly endearing. At Nous Digital and Cakecrumbs our copywriter prefers to highlight the qualities of a brand without being loud about it.

Give the people what they want. Upon landing on a site, users will make a split-second judgement on whether it’s worth hanging around. If users can’t either take action or find information that’s relevant to them quickly, then they will leave quicker than your moody teenage son leaves the table after dinner. A company that does this really well is ‘Monday’, a relatively new brand that provides a simple and intuitive online project management tool. The link below will take you to one of Monday’s landing pages, keep in mind that this is a landing page for a targeted Google AdWords campaign so it may not be live any longer if the campaign has ended.

Monday Google AdWord Landing Page

Notice the big impact, large shouty text and how straight to the point it is. They have removed all noise such as the website footer (not needed for this landing page) and even the navigation menu which prevents the end-user from navigating away from the task at hand. Four simple lines of text and a request for your email address to get started. Perfect!

Trust… The single most important thing you need to get from a visitor, if you want them to convert, is trust. If a user doesn’t trust you they will not fill in a contact form, they will not download your app and they most certainly won’t buy a product from you through your website. There are a few simple things you can do to gain the trust of those who visit your website including; testimonials from existing clients, logos and accreditations and finally a concise well-presented list of benefits. Allowing the visitor to come to trust you on their own terms using subtle nudges creates positive reinforcement which naturally makes users more likely to convert.

Regardless of the size of your organisation, it is absolutely vital to have landing pages which convert. At Nous Digital, we have a wealth of experience in building successful landing pages. We could shout about it but we’d rather show you what we can do.

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