How to optimise landing pages to maximise phone call conversions


I don’t know if you noticed, but recently, smartphones have become really popular …

Almost everything we buy, use, or sell, involves a mobile device of some kind,  somewhere along the journey. When we encounter a problem, the first thing we tend to do is whip out our phone and Google a solution. This is evidenced by the fact that almost 60% of all web traffic comes from smartphones (even higher if you include tablet devices).

That’s where effective landing pages come in, and a landing page tied to a paid search campaign could have visitors tapping the button to call your business almost immediately. Well, that is if you execute a well-designed landing page that drives action.

There’s no point spending a small fortune for the top search position on Google Ads, and then having a page that doesn’t convert visitors into callers.

With that in mind, let’s present you with some tips on optimising your landing pages for phone calls, so that when you click “go” on your next Pay Per Click campaign, the phone will be ringing off the hook.

But first, why focus on phone calls?

Why Pay-Per-Call campaigns are so effective.

Landing pages are traditionally associated with the beginning of a marketing funnel, and rightly so. However, they are so much more versatile, and they are perhaps at their most effective when targeting phone calls as the ‘conversion action’.

There are many instances where harvesting someone’s email address isn’t going to be worth anywhere near as much to you as getting them on the blower.

Imagine you offer a 24/7 service and you are trying to secure leads. Would you prefer an email address to follow up or have someone call you regarding an urgent problem they’re experiencing? Of course, it’s the latter option. The same is true of most businesses – whether you are an enterprise software company or a local builder.

But putting specific business scenarios aside, phone calls also enjoy much higher conversion rates. Call leads turn into customers 10-12 times more often than web clicks, with a mere 2% of email leads converting, compared with 25-40% of inbound calls to a business.

In other words, you want phone calls.

But how can you get your landing page right to ensure that you receive as many phone calls (and therefore sales according to those figures above) as possible?

How to optimise your landing pages for phone calls.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the landing page extrapolates your ad in the search results, providing consistency and building trust in your offering.

The structure should be simple and broadly follow the Problem Agitate Solution (PAS) framework. If your search term is “lawn care near me,” you need to focus on the problem such as ugly grass, bald patches, weeds growing right through the grass and then the issue of not having time to take care of it all.

When you agitate, then put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Empathise with their feelings, such as how they resent putting mowing the lawn above spending time with family on the weekends.

Then finally, present your solution. Remain concise and to the point and only list your most important features, such as being able to be on-site in less than an hour, no extra charge for scheduling lawn mowing services on a weekend, and you work every bank holiday of the summer.

Don’t Forget the Call-To-Action (CTA)

Then it’s time for the all-important call to action (CTA). Again, be short, sweet, and to the point. You want to sell the phone call as the easiest way to solve all their problems. You could say something along the lines of, “just give us a call today and never have to worry about your lawn ever again.” for example.

Finally, make the CTA button to place a phone call as big and obvious as possible. Unmistakable is the adjective you are aiming for here.

Furthermore, make sure the button leads directly to a phone call from the actual mobile device the user is holding. You can do this with a hyperlink beginning with ‘tel:’ for example, the hyperlink for the below phone number is ‘tel:01452247427’. This means that when the user taps the number, the call will be placed immediately.

01452 247 427

Top Tip
When running a PPC campaign, make use of ‘Call Extensions‘, these allow you to place phone numbers and a small CTA within your ads and appear directly within search results. Making use of Call Entenison’ means that customers can call you directly from the ad, without even having to visit your website.

Optimise your landing pages for high-converting phone calls today.

Phone calls are perhaps one of the most under-appreciated lead types by businesses today. With so many outfits chasing emails and other impersonal contact information via landing page forms, merely changing the conversion target to phone calls could dramatically increase sales.

With the tips laid out above, you can optimise the landing pages of your PPC ads to ensure that every call you receive is from a warm lead with a high chance of converting.

This blog article was originally published on our subsidiary website, Cakecrumbs.