How your business can win Christmas


Christmas is coming, consumer behaviour is changing.

You can take advantage of these changes to help your business make the most of the Christmas period.

Introduce yourself to new people at Christmas.

62% of people said they become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it featured on Stories. People are more open to and are actively searching for new brands and products for their friends, family and themselves over the Christmas period. Running Instagram Story Ads is a great way to quickly grab the attention of potential customers and draw them into your brand. We can help you get started quickly with an awareness campaign as part of a Cakecrumbs Advertising plan.

Don’t be generic.

“Join us this festive season for our Christmas special deals” Blah, Blah, Yawn. Boring! Lazy advertising is especially noticeable and skippable during Christmas. Humour and relatability are far more effective ‘pulls’ for new and existing/loyal customers alike. Better still, humour, relatability and promotion or value-adding make a winning combination. Free gift wrapping, guaranteed Christmas delivery or customisation options for gifting are just some simple routes to delivering extra value to potential customers. If you can offer it, shout about it, shoppers are looking for good deals, but don’t be boring, be creative.

Tap into the culture.

Platforms, algorithms and behaviours change but people don’t. There are certain simple truths which are almost universal regardless of demographic. This time of year regardless of religion is usually a time for togetherness and eating/drinking with loved ones. Avoiding the boring and generic, a millennial-focused, fast fashion brand might focus their campaigns around the feeling of relief one feels while slipping into comfortable Christmasy loungewear after (over)eating a hearty Christmas meal. This would score marks for relatability, humour and might encourage users to browse a new loungewear range.

People DO like to see adverts.

A common misconception, particularly with small businesses is the idea that people do not like to see advertisements. Incorrect, people do not like to see irrelevant, uninteresting advertisements. Pulling from our earlier point, potential customers will be looking for gift ideas, holiday ideas, inspiration and good value. Consider compiling or segmenting a list of your most regular or high-value customers and sending personalised offers to that group via email. For example, if your business has the data, you can send targeted, highly relevant email campaigns to your customers. And for us – as a digital agency, our ”customers” would very likely be interested in getting in touch with the producers of fantastic Christmas strategy guide.  ;o)