Introducing… Hit Publish


Software runs the world, algorithms replace industries overnight and those who are able to take advantage of change are the winners, those that don’t, disappear.

Hit Publish is a digital marketing, online advertising and technology inspired podcast sharing the stories of local (and not so local) brands navigating the digital landscape.

Featuring a first-hand look into organisations from the very people in those teams. Insights from digital marketing experts and the latest technology news. Open discussions will be held on the significant influence digital advertising and its’ related technologies have had on the way every industry goes to market.

Hit Publish will also expose the reality of the UK populations’ daily digital consumption and uncover little-known secrets from behind the scenes of our own industry.

Hit Publish is a podcast and a digital meeting place for business lovers, marketing lovers and the tech-obsessed to share and discuss ideas. And it’s’ coming incredibly soon.

We encourage you to always Hit Publish.