Introducing Nous Hosting


It’s been a little over a year since we started our rebrand from Hooper Design to Nous Digital and embarked on the journey to grow the agency our clients wouldn’t stop talking about. Naturally… we’re behind schedule, but not by much. Our first goal was to launch a premium website subscription service without any ties or hidden charges, we achieved this with Cakecrumbs. The feedback we’ve received around the Cakecrumbs service has been phenomenal and we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far. Cakecrumbs has been the launch platform that allowed us to be commercially viable in order to grow our business.

Next on the list was Nous Hosting, I’m pleased to say that after much development time the website is now live! If you want to impress the clever guy in the office, check it out: https://noushosting.co.uk/ . Come back when you’re done. We’re still ironing out the creases and working on performance to create a buttery smooth experience but other than that, it’s good to go!

Nous Hosting provides a domain name registration service, rocket fast website and managed WordPress website hosting right here in Gloucester. Whether you have a vast and growing business or are starting an online blog to build your personal brand, your web visitors will expect your website to load quickly and without errors. Nous Hosting Gloucester was built from the ground up as a dedicated hosting platform, we not only provide domain registration, managed and unmanaged website hosting, but also email hosting integrated with some of the top providers including Microsoft Office 365 and Google Gsuite.

If you have an IT guy, you probably won’t fully appreciate Nous Hosting, if you are the IT guy, you will absolutely love Nous Hosting!

Nous Hosting provides advanced load-balancing and super fast Samsung SSD storage as standard, we even provide FREE basic website hosting with all of our domain names. Moreover, genius database handling and effortless automatic updates create a secure hosting environment which caters to your content management systems every need. Finally, because Nous Hosting is cloud-based, there is no single point of failure so your website is never down and, it’s designed to grow as you do, we will never, ever slow you down, no matter how popular you get. All this from just £8.99 per month.

No matter which plans you are on, all Nous Hosting clients have access to MyNous, a dedicated, powerful control panel which makes it easy to manage domain names, websites, databases, emails, files and more. MyNous is the dedicated account management tool only available with Nous Hosting. It’s brilliant, even if we do say so ourselves. Also, with dedicated real-time support based in Gloucester, help is literally never too far away. Nous Hosting is entirely UK based and we never outsource our support.

We haven’t even told you the best part. With a managed WordPress website hosting plan, the Nous Hosting team perform monthly core platform updates, plugin updates, security patches and take monthly backups of your website as standard (you also get a free Wildcard SSL Certificate). And those with an inner geek will love the monthly performance reports, so you can see the details of the work we have carried out on your site each month.

With Nous Hosting now live it’s onwards and upwards to the jewel in our crown in our three-step business plan, Nous Digital – Digital Marketing and Content Strategy – Making brands less boring! ;o)

Watch this space.