Introducing Nous Managed Website Hosting for businesses in Gloucester


Here at Nous (formally Hooper Design), we are delighted to announce that we will soon be launching a managed hosting solution, specifically for WordPress websites.

This service is available for both new and existing customers and is the perfect, hassle-free, way to host your Gloucester business’s WordPress website!

Why only managed hosting for WordPress websites?

We work with WordPress websites because WordPress is a fantastic product, ideal for building fresh, unique, responsive websites. It’s versatile, user-friendly and easily upgradable, allowing your website to grow as your business does.

Why do I need managed hosting?

The only downside to WordPress is that it can be prone to hacking if security updates are not regularly completed. It’s really important to run updates for your website on a regular basis to protect your website. Regular updates also give you access to the latest components and developments available for your website.

Running an update on your website can be straight forward, however, depending on the nature of the update, there is a chance that updates could cause unwanted visual changes or functionality problems with your website such as:

  • Appearance problems; custom/bespoke themes may not be compatible with the update or formatting may be changed
  • Functionality problems; broken features or 3rd party plugins such as PayPal payments or a Facebook feed not working as they should
  • Overall website problems; complete pages not appearing or functioning as they should

Any of these problems are fixable but can be complex and time consuming to resolve.

More about Nous managed hosting:

Every website needs to be hosted so our simple managed hosting solution covers this basic requirement as well as making sure it’s always safe, secure and as up to date with the latest web standards as it can be.

Nous managed hosting service includes:

  • SSL certificate
  • Regular updates, we’ll run these for you, monitor the progress, fix any visual or styling errors and resolve any functionality problems which the updates/security patches may cause.
  • Security back-ups, so you can recover your website if a security breach did occur
  • Customer support
  • High-speed hosting
  • A hosting solution with room to grow the bandwidth as the traffic to your website increases

In summary, we take care of everything so you don’t have to!

Get in touch to find out more about our new managed hosting solutions from Nous.