Nous Digital is in the business of value multiplication


To state the bleeding obvious, it is in the best interest of ourselves and every website design agency in the land, that every business or organisation multiplied their marketing budget by 10.

Even better, if these organisations decided that they would spend every penny on building a super-duper website with all the bells, whistles, features and latest “must have’s”, we would be thrilled! And it would be even more advantageous to us if these organisations then decided that they needed to build a mobile app with an equally extensive list of features. (Un)fortunately, this sort of thinking isn’t one we like to encourage.

Nous Digital, and Cakecrumbs are not in the business of extracting financial value from our clients, we are in the business of value multiplication for our clients.  A brilliant product presented in the wrong way, promoted in the wrong way, that no one’s heard of is worthless. We build websites, mobile apps and brand identities all aimed at helping your business or organisation multiply in value. And we do this by building a relationship with you.

We create value not just through our incredibly innovative website design and fantastic approach to marketing, but through our unique relationship with our clients. Building relationships take time and effort but without this relationship, Nous Digital wouldn’t have been able to create brand identities which resonate so well with the customers of our clients. Without taking the time build a relationship with you, we wouldn’t be able to write the copy which properly tells the story of your start-up, charity, or antique furniture store.

Our understanding of our clients and their customers enables us to present and implement plans which reduce the number of abandon baskets in their eCommerce websites and increase conversion rates of their paid advertising, all the while rescuing their marketing managers from a deep and lonely depression. Nous Digital clients have customers who more readily notice their brand identities because we took the time to learn about their customers so we could create more compelling content than that of their competitors.

Some organisations view marketing as an additive, a nice to have. Winning organisations view marketing as a tool for value multiplication. Nous Digital is in the business of value multiplication.