Organic social media – what’s the point?


“What’s the ROI of your mother?” Probably one of the most infamous phrases spoken by the sometimes loved, sometimes hated, Gary Vaynerchuk. Often in response to the question: “what’s the ROI of social media”

While somewhat controversial, ‘Gary Vee’ as he’s known, makes a good point.

Within our industry, as we speak to clients and friends in other agencies, one of the most overused phrases is ‘what’s the ROI’. The return on investment.

Business is business, so yes, generating ROI is important. But, as we learnt in this weeks not-so-secret recording of Hit Publish, little things make a big difference. We spoke with Georgie Davies, the mind behind Simply Social UK, an expert in organic social content and enemy of all things coffee.

We asked Georgie what was the point in organic social since the natural reach is almost dead across the dominant social media platforms, whilst paid advertising is still relatively inexpensive.

She explained that social media is more than just generating ROI with ads, it’s about connection. People want to connect with their favourite brands like they do with friends and family online.

So, for Simply Social, they take the time to develop relationships with their clients’ audiences. Posting consistently to bring each audience value, be it inspiration, education, or entertainment. Georgie referenced a small butcher who’s social accounts she ran. Although it’s difficult to track which post generated which sale, the client loves the fact that their customers occasionally applaud “that recipe idea the butcher had posted on Instagram” as they made a purchase. It’s impossible to tell if this post prompted the purchase but it helped further the relationship between the brand and the customer.

Each individual piece of content probably has a very small ROI value but pieced together, organic social content ‘done right’ can create ‘feeling’ of closeness between a brand and its customers.

The full HitPublish podcast episode will be available soon. Speak to Georgie at Simply Social to find out more about social media channel management and if you’re looking to reach your target audiences through paid advertisement get in touch with us here.