Pros and cons of a pay monthly website


Whether you run a restaurant, sell vegan kids snacks in supermarkets or sell cool funky t-shirts from your Instagram page, having a great website for your customers is vital. Your website is the first port of call for the vast majority of your potential customers. Give them a great web experience and you’ll win their business.

Previously most businesses really only had 2 choices; build an entire digital team as part of the business complete with designers, copywriters and programmers or approach an agency for a bespoke, custom built website. More recently D.I.Y websites have emerged, allowing people to take matters into their own hands, paying monthly for their web hosting and domain and using a drag and drop builder to construct the visuals of the site. All 3 approaches have their own set of pros and cons. Where does Cakecrumbs fit into all this? You’ll find out later…

Building out an entire digital team gives you the power of fully-fledged designers and programmers just a shout-down-the-office away. However, unless your business is already at a scale at which the hundreds of thousands of pounds per year this would cost to build and maintain is negligible, then, like it is for most small/medium sized businesses, this is essentially out of reach.

A custom built website means your website is as unique as you and your business. Typically custom built websites takes all of the onus away from you, you are free to bring to the fore your best ideas and then leave them to the agency to sort out all the technicalities. Custom-built websites are usually more secure and are better able to, if needed, handle e-commerce functions. However, custom built bespoke websites can cost thousands. This is particularly prohibitive for start-ups and even medium-sized businesses where the cash spent on building a bespoke website could be better used to hire an extra member of staff or purchase more inventory or more advertising.

D.I.Y websites sound great. After all ‘how hard can it be’. Well for some people, it’s not the worst experience in the world. The end result isn’t usually perfect but is usually O.K. And D.I.Y websites offer the cash-strapped an opportunity to get online for a low monthly price. For the majority though, building a website without any previous knowledge or experience sends them down a path of misery sign posted by confusing error codes and wasted time, lots and lots of wasted time. Most people would be better served running their business, doing what they are actually good at, as opposed to figuring out what error 504 means at half past 4 in the morning.

Well, what about Cakecrumbs? Cakecrumbs combines the best parts of a custom built bespoke website and the best parts of a D.IY website. You get a secure, handcrafted website built by expert designers based right here in Gloucester from the ground up, which can grow as your business grows without having to fork out the £1000s a traditional agency would require. All Cakecrumbs pay monthly websites comes with all the features you need to get started as standard; including domain name and cloud hosting, unlimited email addresses (this alone normally costs hundreds per year), SSL security and unlimited updates to website content. Added a new service to your business? You let us know and your cakecrumbs website will be updated to show off your new wares.


A Cakecrumbs pay monthly website can even include all the features you need to sell on and offline including live chat, a booking system, event calendar, eCommerce integration that links to your physical store if you have one and host of other bells and whistles. All without the insufferable initial costs of a traditional agency. Best of all, Cakecrumbs pay monthly websites are all built within a month. Let us get started for you today and you, the doer, can get back to the doing!