Redbooth, the ultimate “To-Do List” and then some


Working in the field of creative digital marketing makes me no stranger to online tools which are intended to be collaborative workspaces. There are a huge number of these which are springing up out of nowhere but for me, Redbooth ticks all the right boxes and then some!

In an industry where there are always so many projects on the go, having an effective way to record and prioritise your workload both for yourself, your team and even your client is so important. Without some kind of solution my head just spins!

For me, the way Redbooth allows me to fluidly start listing tasks by simply typing is invaluable. It sounds like a simple element, surely this is standard on everything? But so often this isn’t the case. It’s too fiddly to create my to-do list I will revert back to pen and paper, I have to make sure I don’t forget everything in my head!

After you’ve recorded everything you’ve got to do you can go through and easily set deadlines and delegate with a simple click.

I love the built-in instant meeting facility as well as the ability to schedule meetings which can be exported to an outlook diary. To quote the late Steve Jobs “It just works”, and the integration with other commonly used business tools is great! From Dropbox, Google Drive and Copy, to Sign Now, Evernote, Zendesk and more, most of the major 3rd party boxes are ticked!

The ease of functionality is perfect. But I’m just thinking about me and my team here…

When working with clients Redbooth is ideal. It’s so important to share draft designs throughout the process, markup and receive invaluable feedback from the client to make sure the project is going in a direction they are happy with. This online collaboration tool allows you to share big artwork files to clients whilst not taking up inbox space or losing any important notes or attachments in long lost email trails.

Files are also stored in a folder for the project, within the Redbooth platform, so at any point, your client can go back through and say, “you know what, I liked this element of version two, could we incorporate that into the final design?” which as designers we, of course, love to hear!!! ;o) At the end of the project, you can go back and review the development stages, just perfect for website design, app development and branding projects.

Redbooth breaks down barriers, opening up an important channel of communication and collaboration to my team and our clients. If you have a question, query or contribution these can be easily delegated to the team directly through Redbooth. It also means if I require some information from our clients, I can easily alert them and assign it to the team once it has been provided to us.

But does it mean our clients have to sign up and log in each and every time they need to access information in Redbooth? Not at all. With Redbooth email alerts, our clients can simply open them up, hit ‘Reply’, and the response will filter into Redbooth and the applicable task, updating me to view on Redbooth.

An online tool designed for business use has to be easy to use. Redbooth makes multiple step-by-step video tutorials available to their customers as well as providing free training and being pretty intuitive in the first place. For us, as a digital design company in Gloucester, Redbooth enables us to be really transparent with our customers throughout the design and development process of our projects, something that we and our clients really value.

In short, I’m a big fan! Why not give their free trial a go to see if it works for you and your business?