Time is money: Top 6 things for business owners to consider outsourcing


When you are in the early stages of making your business idea a reality, you may feel that nobody could understand your vision, that outsourcing is too expensive or only for well-established larger companies and therefore you need to do everything yourself.

Think again!

It could actually be costing you more to try to do everything yourself. If you are putting off completing an important task because you find it boring or difficult you should consider; could I pay someone else do to this and make more money working on something else?

If the answer is yes then outsourcing some of these tasks could be the answer.

Here are our top 6 things we think you should consider outsourcing (as long as none of these things is a service you offer to your customers):

1. Writing:

Whether it’s for your brochure, website or blog posts, if expressing yourself through writing isn’t your forte, it’s really ok. Finding a copywriter to do this for you is incredibly easy. You can pay per hour or per word and they’ll know exactly how to tailor what they write for your customers. We offer this service from as little as £30 for 250 words but if you would like to choose from a variety of copywriters you can take a look at people per hour.

2. Social Media:

Social media, some people love it, some hate it (much like marmite) but there is no doubt that marketing your business using social media is often a very good idea. First of all you should know that you can schedule posts on most social media platforms, either within the website itself (Facebook offers this) or by using one of the many free scheduling software providers like hootsuite. However, you could also pay someone to write and/or schedule this content for you.

3. Graphic Design:

Need a new logo, brand identity, brochure or business card and wondering whether your doodles on Microsoft Paint are up to par? The reality is that they are probably not (sorry). But it’s surprisingly inexpensive to pay someone else to do this kind of work for you. We offer a logo creation service from just £99. How long would it take you to generate £100 from what you do best? And how long have you already spent in  Microsoft Paint? Just saying…

4. Website / MobileApp Design & Development:

Most people readily admit that their specialism is not web design or development but many still give DIY web design a shot. There are template website companies which enable you to just to add your words and pictures to a professional-looking template. This is a great solution for some as we discussed in this blog. However, in some cases, a DIY website isn’t quite enough for your business and isn’t tailored specifically to your business needs. You may even find it still takes you a long time to navigate the content management system or to write the content. Now, this is where we come in. Read a little more about our web offerings and also our eCommerce solutions here.

5. Accounting, Finance & Invoicing:

Doing your tax returns, invoicing your clients and checking you are keeping to budget are all essential tasks to keep your business ticking over. However, if numbers make your head spin there is no reason for you to do this all yourself. There are lots of online invoicing software options which do make these tasks easier like Wave, Quickbooks or Xero for example – but you could also outsource whole chunks of these tasks to a professional. By paying to outsource financial tasks to someone who will find them easier you’ll free up huge amounts of time which you previously spent crying on the phone to HMRC. Yell.com is a great place to start for accountants with great reviews near you.

6. Organisation & Administration:

Constantly being interrupted by calls? Terrible at organising your time? You can pay for virtual secretaries to field your calls and book your appointments at a fraction of the cost of an additional member of staff. It really could change your life and there are hundreds of companies offering this service. Here is a website rating virtual assistant companies to get you started.

This is fantastic we hear you cry! I wish I could outsource all the household chores I have to do when I get home… well here are a few blogs showing you how you can do exactly this…

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You’re welcome! ;o)