Top 10 reasons pay monthly websites are a good solution for start-ups and micro-business’s


Firstly, let’s cut to the chase… Check out Cakecrumbs, our pay monthly website offering.

Pay monthly websites are the latest revolution in the constantly evolving website creation marketplace. They are the perfect solution for Gloucester start-up business’s or those on a budget, here’s why…

Websites can be very complex to set up and maintain with separate costs to consider for the initial creation of the website, as well as for the on-going hosting and upkeep.

Here are the top 10 reasons pay monthly websites could be the best solution for you or your small business:

  1. You don’t have to do it yourself – pay monthly websites are professionally designed and set up by experts after an in-depth consultation with you. You’ll be able to include your own unique colours, fonts, images and brand identity. You will have a high quality customised website without paying thousands of pounds for a bespoke design.
  2. Domain name costs included – did you know that you have to pay for a website domain name (the website address www.yourname.co.uk)? You have to pay to both register the domain name as well as renew this on an annual basis. With a pay monthly website, both these costs are included so you don’t have to worry about it.
  3. Hosting costs included – every website has to be hosted on a server. This system keeps your website online and accessible 24/7 and in our case, backs up your website so that if anything goes wrong the website can be restored. All websites have to pay a monthly charge for this but with pay monthly websites, this is included too! Our hosting servers are fast & reliable too! ☺
  4. Professional email address included – our pay monthly package also includes a professional email address which you will be able to access from any device. Our expert team will help you get set up too!
  5. Change your website as your business grows – your website will have an easy to use content management system which will enable you to make unlimited changes to your website content at no additional cost, such as the text and images for example.
  6. Responsive as standard – with more and more people using mobile devices and tablets to browse the internet, it’s really important that your website adapts to look good on these screens and to come up in mobile and tablet searches. Pay monthly websites have this functionality as standard.
  7. Support costs included – whether you need some support changing some of the text on your website or have a question about your email address, support from dedicated teams is just one call or click away and included in your monthly cost.
  8. Customised to suit your needs – you will be able to customise the website according to your unique requirements and only include the specialist functionalities you need such as an online shop, social media integration or questionnaires. You’ll only pay for the features you need to ‘bolt on’ but can easily upgrade your website to incorporate additional features when it suits you or your business.
  9. Search engine optimisation included – experts will ensure that your website has the optimum structure and best starting point possible in terms of search engine results. Making sure your customers will be able to find you online.
  10. Speedy speed – in the world of start-up, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time. With a pay monthly website our expert team will be able to set you up very quickly, you’ll get a homepage design to approve within a week, all without sacrificing the quality of the website.

Sounds good right? Well hold tight and watch this space, we are still refining the pay monthly website offering so check back soon for updates. If you can’t wait, drop us an email or give us a call and we can discuss the options open to you right now!