What is user experience design (UX) and why is it so important for Gloucestershire businesses?


Is an investment in the user experience design of your website worth it?

Yes, yes it is. And here is why!

What is user experience design for websites?

User experience design involves understanding how your customers use and respond to your website, how it makes them feel as well as whether it is easy to use.

We often think about user experience (or UX as it’s more commonly known) when we are designing the products we sell, thinking about whether our product is easy to use, meets a consumer needs and how it makes them feel but websites sometimes get forgotten.

But of course, a customer’s experience of your company covers every interaction they have with your brand, phone calls, website visits as well as using your products or services.

When we think about user experience we must consider general usability and accessibility as well as performance, design, ergonomics and marketing.

Why is user experience design so important for your Gloucester businesses with websites or mobile apps?

We all understand why it is so important to make products easy to use for customers; otherwise, of course, we wouldn’t sell any! But the same is undoubtedly true for our websites and mobile apps. With so many sales being made online, if your customers encounter a poor user experience when using your website, you could lose out on sales.

Your customer’s online experience needs to be easy to use, easy to navigate and leave your customers feeling positive and happy about their experience visiting your website. Only these positive memories will encourage customers to be loyal, visit your website again and build up trust in your company.

In fact, the user experience can be just as important as visual design when it comes to digital products (like websites and mobile apps) Even the most beautiful website will be abandoned by customers if they struggle to navigate it.

User experience is important for all Gloucester businesses.

It is especially important for those who are trying to establish a new or expanding customer base, but of course, even businesses with established customer bases wouldn’t want to lose customers because of a poor website experience.

What can I do to improve the user experience design for my website or mobile app?

We now know the huge benefits of investing in the user experience of a website with positive UX experiences seeing a potential increase in productivity, sales, and customer satisfaction.

So how do we all ensure that the experiences of potential customers interacting with our website are positive?

This is where we can help! We are experts in eCommerce website design UX, always creating websites which are both visually pretty and which offer an outstanding user experience. We ensure that your target audience feels the way you want them to feel about your website, securing return visits and customer loyalty.

Ultimately our website services in Gloucestershire offer you an excellent return on investment. Find out more about our website services and get in touch today