Web design in Gloucester for another happy customer


In the world of business and never-ending expansion, we can often get so caught up in trying to perform at our very best and offer our clients the most beneficial services available, that we simply forget to take full note to the feedback that we receive from our customers both good and bad. Well whilst we do usually make it a priority to read and appreciate every piece of feedback that we receive from existing customers, one person’s feedback, in particular, has certainly caught our eyes in terms of total appreciation for the work we put into his project. He has asked that for this post we keep his actual name anonymous, so for now, let’s call this man “John”.

Recently, John asked that we revamp his existing website with the latest website design Gloucester features, and as we are a web design company that strives to meet the demands of our customers, we made sure that we performed to the best of our ability. As a company we are not looking for ‘thank- you’s, we are satisfied with knowing that what we do has benefited our clients, to the point where their online business/website performs better than they ever have done before. However, when we received this letter from “John” it really did put our hard work into perspective, and make us even more motivated to produce fantastic results in the future.

Here is a little extract of the message that we received last week.

“By far Nous Digital is one of the most professional and innovative web design companies in Gloucester that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I have had some fairly poor experiences with other web design companies in the past, and it is truly refreshing to work with a company as dedicated, precise, creative and informative as Nous Digital.”

John has certainly proved to us that despite the fact that we can become tired from constantly striving to produce the best for our customers, they do appreciate the work that we put in and they do see results. Even though we as a company are truly pleased that we have provided John with the quality of web design that he desired, we also know that we can continue to pursue enhancements to our services that mean we can help more people like John to grow and expand their enterprises/websites.

If you are a website owner like John and wish to put your website/company’s success in the hands of people who care for their clients and their results, then we invite you to see what we have to offer in terms of web design Gloucester and other services including mobile app design, graphic design and branding that could make the needed difference to your business.

P.S. Cheers “John” 😉