Website pricing myths BUSTED!


Firstly… I’m very aware that the random image above of a Guinea Pig with glasses on bears no relation to this blog article. However, I thought it was funny and more interesting than a boring image related to website design prices in Gloucester. So, if you came to this article expecting to read about cute Guinea Pigs that wear glasses, you’re going to be disappointed… Let’s move on.

Here at Nous Digital, but more so Cakecrumbs, we talk to A LOT of people in Gloucester and across the UK about websites. And we love it. Large corporations, SME’s, start-ups and one-man-bands all see the value in having a website as a part of their business. Often they want to talk about the website design process, domains and hosting and crucially, price.

Regardless of the background of a company, we come across very similar questions related to pricing so we’re going to try to answer them in one fell swoop.

“Website design in Gloucester is expensive”

Well okay, your physical location shouldn’t really have a huge effect on the cost of web design. However, the cost is relative.  If a website build costs an organisation £10,000 from start to launch but thanks to great white hat SEO and a stellar marketing strategy goes on to generate over £100,000 in its first year then it’s a no brainer. In the same vein if a website is built for £50 and a bag of peanuts and then goes on to do very little to grow a brand generating £0 in revenue, then that’s £50 not well spent.

Nike wasn’t built in a day.

The total list of ‘features’ we offer over at Cakecrumbs is exhaustive. We would bore you to tears explaining the thousands of combinations and customisations that are technically possible with each build. As opposed to ‘templates’ Cakecrumbs websites are built using different ‘builders’ which allow for far more flexibility and creativity, without being too time-intensive to produce.

The result of this is that there are no two Cakecrumbs websites that are the same, not even close to identical. Each site is a unique creation hand-built to embody the brand and fulfil the brief provided.

But, Cakecrumbs is not a service set out to replace ‘Custom Builds’. The worlds most gargantuan brands such as Nike or Mercedes-Benz have astronomical marketing budgets. The resources that such organisations can allocate to their websites and other marketing activities are far greater than the £40-£65 per month of Cakecrumbs websites. For context, Nike spent $1billion on digital marketing in 2018.

The custom-built websites we create here at Nous Digital allow for practically unlimited design features and feature unique website design processes but also come with truly unlimited price tags to match. Certain features are extremely costly to produce.

Custom built websites also allow for ‘Project Creep’, this is the propensity for clients to say the following: “can we add…*insert-super-expensive-unnecessary-feature-here*…” repeatedly, again, and again, and again. Indecisiveness and repeated trips back to the drawing board cause projects to spiral out of budget and often fall behind schedule. We are more than happy to bring your wildest imaginations to life, but Cakecrumbs is designed to deliver truly ridiculous value for money. By focusing on great design and security, instead of fancy gimmicks, Cakecrumbs has been able to re-invent the website design process.

With Cakecrumbs websites, some ‘compromises’ will have to be made. But every brief presents a unique proposition and usually, clients are astounded by what can be achieved for the relatively low price of a Cakecrumbs plan. From the “sexy” website design itself to the features; online bookings, e-commerce, live chat, free domain names, and website hosting, SSL certificates and unlimited mailboxes. etc.

Cakecrumbs websites allow for a modern, secure digital platform to be built on which brands can grow. All in less than a month.

Here are some great Cakecrumbs websites that cost the clients between £49.99 and £69.99 per month yet generate hundreds if not thousands of pounds of business.

Keep in mind that each of these websites was built based on a brief provided to us by the client, so the chances are you may not like all of them. Of course, everything we do is subjective and if we were to build a website for you, it will be designed and built according to your specific brief.

Bentley Pacific
BLA Valuers
Memsahib Gin & Tea Bar
Rissington Applications
Stoney’s Knives