We’ve updated our branding and revamped our website


Change is Good

We think it’s important for every business to evolve and develop their branding to ensure they remain relevant whilst maintaining a consistent and familiar identity.

Hooper Design (now Nous Digital) is no different, and last week we launched our shiny new look brand and website! In fact, if you’re reading this, you’re already on our new website and enjoy our clean, modern and contemporary new look 😉

We’ve always had great feedback on our website, with people saying it really represents our culture, work and ethos of “keeping it simple”. Whilst we were pretty happy with it, we’ve come quite a long the way in 2 years, so we wanted to better reflect the digital services we offer, the technologies we use and be as transparent as possible with our pricing.

We hope you like our new website and you find it clear and simple to navigate and easy to find what you are looking for. As with all websites, it’s not quite finished yet, we’ve got improvements to make and further functionality to add. But in the meantime have a poke around and give us your feedback.

New Logo

Our logo has evolved with the rest of our brand, adopting a modern, thin, flat typeface that we created especially for the logo. We kept the familiar electric-pastel blue colour that surrounded the two O’s on our original logo and we also kept the ‘e’ with the chopped tail as a subtle nod to the past. Out with the old and in with the new!

Hooper Design 2012 2015 Logo

On a Separate Note…

As Hooper Design has evolved so has technology. Digital design and development for the web, in particular, has seen huge changes and websites are becoming progressively more sophisticated. In addition to this, increasing numbers of people now own mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) and are using these devices more and more often for their online browsing and transactional activity.

“As of June 2014 78% of the UK population own a smartphone and/or a tablet device, an increase of 14% in just 10 months. 70% of smartphone users use their device to search for information online, 50% to buy goods and 42% to buy services.”
(Deloitte, June 2014)

With the Above in Mind


On the 21st April 2015, Google released a major algorithm update to its search engine. Going forward Google will now prioritise websites that are mobile-friendly in its search results. So if your website was ranking well but isn’t mobile-friendly, don’t expect it to keep ranking well for much longer.

Although this change only affects searches conducted from mobile devices the increasing proportion of people using mobile devices exclusively means that this change could affect the results seen by a huge proportion of your potential customers.

The reason behind this change in approach from Google is simply to improve visitor experience, combatting the frustrating scenario of landing on a page which isn’t readable or easy to navigate when browsing from a mobile device.

See how we can help with your responsive website design and branding.