What is user experience for websites in Gloucester


Over the years, websites have become increasingly complex, and as the technology available to us advances, so does the intricacy of the sites we use. Whilst websites used to be fairly simple and static, modern websites are animated and provide a highly interactive experience.

Despite how much more complex websites have become since the start of the Internet, the success of any website still depends on one critical factor… how do your visitors perceive your site? Questions such as “Is your site good to look at?” Does it provide people with what they’re looking for? Does it provide a clean UI for visitors to use?” are all determining factors towards the overall success of your website.

The perfect user experience would be to have every visitor who comes to your site answer yes to these questions, and if you take the success of your site seriously, then you will ensure that these needs are met appropriately.

What is User Experience?

User experience (often abbreviated as UX) refers to how a person responds or perceives your website or web-based system. Aside from the typical website, a system could refer to a web application, desktop software and other forms of Human-computer interaction (otherwise known as HCI. Professional UX designers specialise in analysing how users respond to different aspects of a website and incorporate those features that make visitors tick. The ultimate aim is to provide users with an experience that they are going to appreciate and allow them to use the elements of your website with ease.

UX designers will tend to evaluate multiple aspects of your website, in order to find areas that could be improved, to increase user satisfaction. For example, they may examine your website’s checkout process when making a purchase, and determine whether they are presented with a system that is easy to use and understand. If the process is not easy, then they will take the necessary steps to simplify the checkout system and hence improve the overall usability of the site.

Why UX is Important

When you consider that your visitors are the driving force that can make or break your website, the answer to why UX is important is fairly self-explanatory. It gives your website the best chance of delivering its intended message, selling your product or whatever other purpose it may have. It is the fundamental basis for your website’s success, and therefore it determines whether your investment into your website has been worthwhile. By ignoring User Experience you are condemning your site to failure, and with the immense competition in almost every niche, you simply cannot afford to do so. You must decide to take the necessary steps to enhance your website and aim to provide the best user experience possible.

How to Improve the User Experience of your Site

Due to the importance and intricate details that have to be planned and then accurately executed with UX design, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. For this reason, you should look for professionals in the field of UX design to give your website the best chance possible for success. It might seem like something you can do yourself, however, if you make even a minor mistake along the way, it could potentially cost you your website’s success. A trained expert will not only know what to look for when improving the user experience of your site but also have the necessary knowledge in order to execute a plan to enhance those flawed areas.