What’s the deal with Nous


Nous Digital was born of boredom. No, really.

As individuals, we have worked both ‘in house’ and ‘on the agency side’. While we had fun in our past lives and produced some of our best work, we always felt we could do so much more. More for our clients when we worked ‘in house’ and more for our clients as an agency. Eventually, like all humans, we got bored.

We imagined what it would be like to bring together the special knowledge that can only be obtained through years spent working within a specific industry. And combining that specific intel with the marketing ‘know-how’ or ‘nous’, if you will and the quite frankly, ridiculous, capabilities agencies can offer.

Whether it’s understanding exactly what your existing customers want or don’t want, which relationships to nurture, or how they like to communicate. Nothing beats ‘living’ the brand. Of course, data is great, but a real feel for the market is extremely valuable and is best gained through experience.

Meanwhile, digital marketing agencies can create incredibly effective brand strategies, have access to the latest technologies and tools and, are extremely good at unlocking new revenue streams for brands. Furthermore, agencies offer specialists who devote themselves to mastering the platforms and algorithms we all live by to deliver measurable, commercial value for businesses.

This means paid advertising campaigns that deliver consistent ROI, powerful brands audiences love and practical innovations. Together, by bridging the gap between client and agency, our approach delivers a better experience for business owners, better commercial results for the bean-counting accountants and a better experience for the audiences brands want to engage.

So there’s us, what’s the deal with you?