Online ordering.

An easy to manage, all in one, online food and grocery ordering and delivery system.

To help our local restaurants and small grocery/convenience shops affected by COVID-19, we’ve created a simple, cost-effective, quick and easy to implement online ordering system.

Online Food and Grocery Ordering System by Nous Digital in Gloucester
Online Grocery and Food Ordering System by Nous Digital in Gloucester

Ready in 24 hours.

Add to any existing website or include with a new, modern and mobile-friendly website.

We can easily integrate our online ordering and delivery system to your existing website, or we can create a simple website from scratch to house it. Get up and running within 24 hours so your customers can start ordering from the comfort and safety of their homes by this time tomorrow!

All you need.

All the online ordering features you will ever need, including…

Single, Limited or Multiple Choice

With the ‘Single, Limited or Multiple Choice’ features, we can define a specific number of ‘optional extras’ available, restrict them to a single selection or allow for multiple choice.

Automatic Order Printing

Compatible with all standard thermal printers so you can receive orders directly to your restaurant or grocery store.

Accept and Decline Orders

Accept or decline orders received in real-time while also informing your customers of estimated delivery times.

Online Food Ordering System by Nous Digital in Gloucester
Online Grocery Ordering and Delivery System by Nous Digital in Gloucester

We don't take a cut.

Integrate with your current payment provider or make use of a new, modern, online payment gateway.

Your customers may be staying home, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hungry. Whenever your customers place an order online, you’ll keep all of the profits, we don’t take a cut.

Simple pricing.

A one time setup fee of £1100 (£399), no ongoing fees and ready to go in 24 hours. Manage your items through a simple and intuitive backend system, easily update prices and availability, add new products and menu items and manage customer orders.

Provide the excellent service you always have, but this time, online. Enquire with us today about an online ordering and delivery system for your business.